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DETROIT Jeff Seidel Its time to thank Max Scherzer in case he doesnt return to T

DETROIT -- It's time to celebrate. Put on some multi-colored goggles and pour some champagne.
Max Scherzer won the American League Cy Young Award on Wednesday night, becoming the second Tigers pitcher in three years to win the award for being the best pitcher in the league.
Let's thank this humble, cerebral man, blessed with the magical arm, because he pitched so incredibly last season, the only 20-game winner in baseball.

Let's thank him now because we have no idea if he will return to the Detroit Tigers next season.
There are reports that the Tigers are willing to trade Scherzer.
Moments after learning he had won the award voted on by the Baseball Writers Association of America, Scherzer was even asked about the rumors.
"It doesn't affect this moment at all," Scherzer said on the MLB Network. "This is a celebration of what I was able to accomplish and what we were able to accomplish as a team."
We'll get to the rumors in a second.
For now, let's celebrate his incredible season.
Wins matter
When you are trying to determine who was the best pitcher,Nike Air Max, there are all kinds of ways to measure it.
Should the award go to the pitcher who had the best earned run average? Well, then, you would give it to a different Tiger, Anibal Sanchez, who was the ERA champion and earned one first-place vote.
Should you give it to the pitcher with the most strikeouts? Then, it would go to Rangers pitcher Yu Darvish, who had 277. Scherzer had 240.
But Scherzer won the award with 28 first-place votes. Darvish, by the way, finished second.
Do you give it to the pitcher who pitched great despite being on a bad team? Then, it would go to Seattle's Hisashi Iwakuma, who had a 14-6 record and finished third in the Cy Young voting.
Or should the award go to the pitcher who had the most wins,Nike Air Max, the guy who was simply dominant and led his team into the playoffs?
That's why it went to Scherzer, although we should acknowledge that he benefited from a certain degree of luck because the Tigers had a wonderful knack for scoring runs when he was on the mound.
Highlights galore
Beyond the numbers, there were so many memorable moments this season for Scherzer.
Starting the season with a perfect, 13-0 record.
Starting the All-Star Game.
And leading the Tigers into the playoffs. I know, technically, the playoffs have nothing to do with the Cy Young Award. But this is our celebration of Mad Max.
So let's flashback to Game 4 of the American League Division Series. The score was tied: Oakland 3, Detroit 3. And it was the seventh inning. Do or die.
Scherzer came out of the bullpen and pitched in relief. He loaded up the bases with no outs,Lululemon Outlet, but he got out of it and the Tigers won, 8-6.
"It was the biggest moment of my career," he said.
Down to business
So why would the Tigers think about trading him? It's all business.
Scherzer is entering the final year of his contract. His agent, Scott Boras,Air Max 90, typically does not allow his clients to sign a long-term contract heading into the last year of a deal. So it would be surprising if Scherzer were to sign an extension with the Tigers this winter.
But Scherzer said he is open to an extension. He loves pitching for the Tigers and working under pitching coach Jeff Jones.
"The business side will take care of itself,Air Max 1," Scherzer said. "I love it here in Detroit. It also takes two to dance. ... I'm not anxious to get something done, but if some does get done, I'd be happy to do it."
The Tigers could keep Scherzer for one more year by going to salary arbitration,Lululemon Outlet, but his salary would probably double,Air Max 90, climbing into the $13-14 million neighborhood on a one-year deal. At the end of that season, he could leave and the Tigers would only get a draft pick.
To maximize his value, the Tigers are willing to trade him.
Let me be clear.
If the Tigers can afford it, if they can upgrade and have money left over for Scherzer, there is no question they should keep him. They are built to win now. But if they can't afford him in the long term, trading Scherzer makes sense, assuming they can plug some holes and improve the rest of the team.
If trading Scherzer frees up enough money to allow the Tigers to sign Miguel Cabrera long-term. If it shores up their problems in the bullpen, leftfield and at second base. If it allows the Tigers to get younger and quicker and more threatening on the bases.
If it allows them to be able to create runs,Nike Air Max, instead of relying solely on home runs.
If it can do all of those things,Nike Air Max 90, or even most of those things, it makes sense. They should trade him.
But today, let's not worry about that.
Let's celebrate how this 29-year-old, quick-witted man who carries himself with so much class and dignity, while acknowledging that underneath that humble, modest personality lies a fierce,Lululemon Outlet, competitive spirit.
Let's celebrate. And Mr. Cy Young is buying. "I just got back from the store, where I bought 10 bottles of champagne," he said.
So pop the cork and make a toast. We really want to thank him. Just in case he never comes back.