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Mittwoch, 20. November 2013, 07:41

cheap Louis Vuitton bags simple and refreshing.

Top Five Summer T-Shirt Trends for Men | ABC Article Directory
Any summer wardrobe is incomplete without a few staple styles and colours of t-shirts. After all,cheap Louis Vuitton bags, the classic summer look is a light coloured t-shirt with Chinos and a pair of casual flip flops. Having said that, you can experiment quite a lot even with the tried and tested styles of t-shirts for men. You can spice things up by pairing different t-shirts with different kinds of lowers or trying out a new colour combination.
So,louis vuitton bags, let's quickly run through the most popular trends of summer t-shirts for men:
Nautical Stripes: Nearly everybody owns at least a single t-shirt with nautical stripes, that's just how popular this trend is. It's the simplicity of the design which does the trick as the stripes give off the classic summery, relaxed look. Wear these with a pair of dark jeans or well-fitted linen shorts and complete the look with loafers or canvas shoes.
Bright Coloured Round Neck T-shirts: It's time to say goodbye to the dark and earthy winter colours and switch to light and breezy summer colours. After all, nothing says summer like a light blue or mauve t-shirt paired with cargo shorts or jeans. Don't be afraid to experiment with bright coloured T-shirts for men, you don't have to stick to blue and green anymore. Additionally, you can always try out different styles like deep V-neck or scoop neck etc. Add the last bit of detail- put on your canvas shoes and you are now ready to enjoy the summer.
Tie Dye Print: If you are looking for a more Bohemian feel to your clothes, Tie Dye t-shirts might just be what you need. There is a general misconception that men can't pull off Tie Dye t-shirts. But the truth is that you just have to know how to carry them off. You can contrast the brightness of these colourful t-shirts with a plain black or navy blue pair of jeans. For the footwear,hermes bags, pull out your white canvas shoes and complete the light, summery look.
Aztec Print: They might not be the most popular of t-shirt trends for men but you can blame that on the general reluctance to experiment with new designs. An overall Aztec print t-shirt with block coloured narrow fitted jeans and Red Wing boots can come as a breath of fresh air in the summers. The look is contemporary, simple and refreshing.
Graphic T-shirts: Of late,cheap Hermes bags, graphic t-shirts have become the new must-haves in terms of clothing. So, if you are running late for college or for the movies,online Hermes bags, you can put one of these on and they will look equally good with a pair of jeans or shorts. Just casually slip into your flip flops and that's that- you are ready to go. That is the beauty of these t-shirts for men- you don't need to consciously pair them up with just the right shade or style of lowers or even footwear. They are cool,online Louis Vuitton bags, they keep things simple and they look good with just about anything.Article Source: a great range of t-shirts for men, check out