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Mittwoch, 20. November 2013, 15:30 visible and virtually dust free

***Reclaim Your Closet Space with Handy Shoe Organizers
Do you love your shoes? Are you a Carrie Bradshaw-level footwear junkie? If you are, you're no doubt sick of tripping over your favorite heels and forcing closet doors shut over huge bluffs of flats and espadrilles. Curating a generous collection of trendy footwear doesn't have to be a chore. Integrate a few clever space-saving devices and you'll be enjoying a happy reunion with the visible floor of your closet before you know it. And just imagine how many new pairs of gorgeous shoes you'll have room for once the clutter is gone.
Get ready for the shopping spree of a lifetime by introducing some ingenious and handy shoe organizers to your bursting closet. Here are just a few great options to choose from,
Multi Pair Shoe Rack/Tower
This is one of the sturdiest show towers available, with space for 20, 30 or 5 pairs of shoes. It's a valuable space saver that slips easily into your wardrobe for maximum economy of storage. It's built to accommodate shoeboxes,, so you can catalogue your shoe collection easily and flexibly. This shoe rack is built from durable steel and polymer and measures 10 inches deep.
Stacking Chrome Show Rack
A collapsible, expandable chrome rack for dynamic spaces. Fit your expanding shoe collection into this versatile organization tool, built to convert from 24 inches to an astounding 46 inches. If you need more space, simply pick up a second or even a third and stack them top to bottom. Attractive, polished chrome makes an elegant showpiece for your bedroom. Or, save a ton of space by slipping this versatile rack into your wardrobe. It's your shoe collection right at your fingertips. Rotate shoes for visibility by season, frequency of use, or whichever organizational system best fits your life. It's easy!
Overdoor Shoe Rack
The overdoor shoe rack is a college student's best friend. Perfect for apartments, suites and dorm rooms, where extra space is at a premium, this classic space saving solution has been a standby for shoe lovers for decades. Manage your shoe collection by filling this soft, versatile shoe rack's open access shelves with 24 to 36 pairs of your go-to favorites. Built from sturdy polymer and steel,timberland sale, you'll be able to house your expanding shoe collection in this valuable organizational tool for years and years. It fits door widths up to 1.5 inches.
Space Saving Rolling Shoe Organizer
A shoe organizer on wheels to adapt to your changing space, season in and season out. This rolling shoe organization system takes advantage of your closet's vertical space for maximum economy of storage. Take your mess of clutter and singletons and turn it into an exciting, well-maintained footwear library, so you can find sartorial solutions every time you open your closet. With space for up to 28 pairs of shoes, you can arrange your collection to best fit your shoe-wearing habits every season. Roll your entire shoe wardrobe from room to room as space dictates. A fantastic solution for those with dynamic collections. Made from washable polyester, it measures in at 52 by 12 1/2 by 13.75 inches.
Clear Shoe Boot Boxes
Clear, sturdy plastic storage boxes with space for your favorite boots. Slip them underneath your bed or overhead in the closet and forget about them until you need those thigh-high stilettos or snow boots. Keeps your boots paired, visible and virtually dust free,, all year round. These durable storage containers are also ideal for storing belts,clarisonic reviews, handbags, scarves and other accessories you need to keep clean,clarisonic reviews usa, organized and easily accessible at a moment's notice.
Melamine Shoe Cube
A great display piece for kids' rooms,, dorms,, apartments or nearly anywhere. Pack this attractive bank of shoe cubbies with 25 or 15 pairs of your favorite shoes. The cells are built large enough to accommodate men's, women's or children's size shoes,, so you can keep track of shoes for every member of the family.
3 Tier Stackable Shoe Rack
A neat, discrete storage solution for bedrooms, front hallways and kids' rooms. Its clever design features mesh shelves that prevent heels from falling through. Display and keep track of up to 9 pairs of your favorite shoes. The smart,timberland outlet, stackable design allows you to take advantage of vertical dimensions in your closet or hallway. An attractive wood finish frame makes this rack a lovely addition to any entryway or bedroom.
Expandable 3-Tier Cart
The expandable 3-tier cart provides generous space for storing, organizing and even moving shoes from one room to another. Adjustable for space and adaptable to fit various storage needs, you can load it with belts, scarves, ties, hats or whatever you need to keep tidy and available at a moment's notice. This handy cart has been outfitted with two handles and smooth-rolling caster wheels for simple portability.
Consider these fantastic storage solutions whenever you're ready to reclaim some much needed closet space.